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After finishing the Pizza Delivery app, I knew I needed to rebuild my website.  Since I’ve had WordPress on my radar for quite some time, I decided to take the opportunity to learn theme and plugin development and apply it to rebuilding my site.  I think I maybe should’ve learned WordPress before Laravel, since I’m now finding out how difficult it is to land one of those higher paying advanced Laravel gigs without several years of experience to back it up.  WordPress is more geared for small to medium size, typical websites that are easy to develop.  I think that will be easier for me to get into and start building some real-world experience.  I’m finding WordPress development to be very easy to learn yet quite powerful as well.  It is a solid, general-purpose tool for quickly delivering quality websites to clients.  I’m sure that a lot of people and buisnesses have WordPress sites that they slapped together with a premade theme and they’re finding the need for custom work.  That’s what I’m currently trying to get into.  This portfolio site of mine is me getting my hands dirty with theme development after reading the official Theme Handbook.

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