April 2019

Purpose / Overview

There are several saltwater disposal sites in North Dakota spread around the Bakken Formation in which the ticket information from the truck drivers must be collected and archived. The information includes the driver’s name, company, truck number, water type, BBLs to be disposed, etc. The ticket database should be accessible via the company’s VPN […]

January 2017


This is a project I started working on during the holiday break. I just finished my third Java class and I wanted to make something using some of the concepts I’d learned about (namely graphs and graph algorithms). I chose JavaFX for this project, because I wanted to go with something standard, since this is intended to be a very simple game that does not require a more advanced game library. […]

August 2016

July 1, 2016

After having completed my second Java course at my university, I decided to take the summer off and get started on a game project that I’ve been thinking about for a long time: A 2D isometric engine. I finally felt like I was at the competency level necessary to begin working on it.

I’ve always found isometric projection to be […]