April 2019

Purpose / Overview

There are several saltwater disposal sites in North Dakota spread around the Bakken Formation in which the ticket information from the truck drivers must be collected and archived. The information includes the driver’s name, company, truck number, water type, BBLs to be disposed, etc. The ticket database should be accessible via the company’s VPN […]

November 2018

After learning WordPress theme development and rebuilding thriftynick.com (this site) as a custom theme, the next logical step was to learn WordPress plugin development.  Introducing “TN Map Zones,” my first WordPress plugin!  The idea for this plugin came from a client on a freelancing site who needed the functionality for his site.  It’s also a better solution to what I currently have on my pizza delivery app for determining deliverable addresses.  Rather than simply using zip codes, you can set a polygon area on the map. […]

November 2018

After finishing the Pizza Delivery app, I knew I needed to rebuild my website.  Since I’ve had WordPress on my radar for quite some time, I decided to take the opportunity to learn theme and plugin development and apply it to rebuilding my site.  I think I maybe should’ve learned WordPress before Laravel […]


October 2018

Live Demo (Use zipcode 49010 to place an order)

This project serves as a “final project” in my path to learning the Laravel framework for web application development. After reading through the entire official documentation, I wanted to get my hands dirty with the framework, so this is what I came up with. I made it a point to touch on nearly every major available feature included with Laravel. This is an app for a hypothetical pizza delivery restaurant. […]

May 2018

I used to do webscraping jobs using PHP.  I did around 5 or 6 jobs and started out on a couple of basic websites that could be scraped using PHP’s built in HTTP request functions.  Then I found out that a lot of sites use frontend frameworks to dynamically generate content.  Much of this JavaScript is also minified and obfuscated.  I needed something more powerful […]

July 2017

This is a small freelance project I did for one of my clients.  It is a simple five question quiz for accountants. I did not use any frameworks. Everything was done in plain HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. Using JavaScript, I implemented an interactive input system for book entries. There is also a password-protected admin panel. Each test submission is […]