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This was my first stab at a “real” game with graphics.  After reading Beginning C++ Through Game Programming by Michael Dawson, I began reading Programming 2D Games by Charles Kelly. The game is written in C++ and uses the DirectX API for rendering graphics, handling audio, Xbox 360 controller support, physics, etc. I learned a lot from this project about the intricacies of how computer games work and the raw power of modern computers.  I ended up abandoning this project after school picked back up and I took on more important endeavors.  I did have it in a playable state, but there were still some bugs in the physics code that I didn’t get back to.


  • Xbox 360 controller support for Windows
  • Controller vibration upon collision between ball and paddle
  • Each brick set to randomized pitch of the same audio cue using XACT sound engine
  • Basic score keeping and limited number of lives. Each brick worth 10 pts.
  • Dropdown command console invoked with [~] key.



All Projects

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